Kai Greene’s Back Workout Routine

Kai Greene, a three-time Arnold Classic champion and professional bodybuilder, is renowned for his impressive physique and intense workout routines.

Like all his routines, his approach to back workouts combines rigorous training, strategic exercise selection, and a focus on the mind-muscle connection.

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A cornerstone of Kai Greene’s back workout, deadlifts are a powerful compound movement targeting multiple muscle groups.

In Kai Greene’s routine, deadlifts are typically performed with high intensity and focus on proper form.

This exercise is about lifting heavy and engaging the back muscles effectively to ensure maximum growth and strength gains.


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Pull-ups are a staple in Kai Greene’s back workout, emphasizing the upper back, particularly the latissimus dorsi.

This exercise is essential for developing a wide back and is performed with a strict form to maximize muscle engagement.

Kai Greene’s routine likely incorporates variations of pull-ups to target different areas of the back.

Bent-Over Rows

Bent-over rows, particularly the barbell version, are another key exercise in Kai Greene’s back routine.

This exercise effectively targets the upper and middle back, enhancing muscle thickness and strength.

The focus is on controlled movements and mind-muscle connection, ensuring that the back muscles are fully engaged throughout the exercise.

Lat Pulldowns

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Lat pulldowns are included to target the latissimus dorsi for width and definition specifically.

In Kai Greene’s routine, these are performed with attention to detail, focusing on the contraction and stretch of the back muscles.

Different grip variations may be used to target various aspects of the back.

Seated Cable Rows

Seated cable rows are crucial for developing the middle back. This exercise is about controlled movements, emphasizing squeezing the back muscles during each repetition.

Kai Greene’s approach would involve varying the grip and angle to engage different back muscles effectively.

Face Pulls

Face pulls are excellent for targeting the rear deltoids and upper back muscles. This exercise is particularly beneficial for improving posture and shoulder health.

Kai Greene’s routine is likely performed focusing on controlled movement and muscle engagement.

T-Bar Rows

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T-bar rows are included in Kai Greene’s back routine for their effectiveness in building overall back thickness and strength.

This exercise allows for heavy lifting while focusing on the back muscles, contributing to size and density.


Hyperextensions, or back extensions, are vital for strengthening the lower back muscles.

Kai Greene’s approach would emphasize form and control, avoiding overextension while engaging the lower back effectively.

Dumbbell Rows

Dumbbell rows, single-arm and double-arm versions, are integral to Kai Greene’s routine for isolating the back muscles.

These exercises offer unilateral movement, ensuring balanced muscle development on both sides of the back.

Single-Arm Dumbbell Rows

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Focusing on one arm at a time allows for a more excellent range of motion and concentrated effort on each side of the back. This exercise is critical for developing symmetry and individual muscle strength.

Kai Greene’s back workout combines compound and isolation exercises for maximum muscle engagement and development.

His focus on the mind-muscle connection, proper form, and controlled movements make his routine effective for anyone looking to build a robust and well-defined back.

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