Kai Greene Abs Workout: A Blueprint for Chiseled Core


Begin with an introduction to Kai Greene, a renowned professional bodybuilder known for his exceptional physique and dedication.

Mention his philosophy of combining intense training, strategic exercises, and a solid mind-muscle connection.

Side Crunches

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Description: Explain how side crunches target the oblique muscles. Kai Greene emphasizes higher volume with lighter weights, which can be applied here.

Technique Tips: Share tips on proper form to maximize the effectiveness of the exercise.

Abdominal Crunch

Overview: Highlight the importance of traditional crunches in Kai Greene’s routine, focusing on engaging the core.

Execution: Describe the technique, ensuring the maintenance of a mind-muscle connection, a key aspect in Kai Greene’s training philosophy.

Bicycle Crunch

Details: Introduce bicycle crunches as a dynamic movement engaging multiple core areas.

Method: Guide on performing the exercise focusing on controlled movements.

Reverse Crunch

Insight: Reverse crunches target the lower abdominal muscles, a crucial area for core strength.

Guidance: Again, explain the correct form, pulling from Kai Greene’s philosophy of controlled movements and muscle engagement.


Explanation: Emphasize the plank’s role in building core endurance and stability.

Technique: Provide tips for maintaining proper form over extended periods, as endurance is vital in Kai Greene’s abs routine.

V Crunch

Description: V crunches are an advanced exercise targeting the entire abdominal region.

Method: Offer a step-by-step guide on performing V crunches, aligning with Kai Greene’s training techniques of muscle engagement.

Side Bends

Execution Tips: Advice on how to perform side bends properly, potentially incorporating weights for added resistance.

Overview: Side bends help in sculpting the oblique muscles.

Hanging Leg Raise

kai greene leg workout
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Information: This exercise is decisive for the lower abs and hip flexors.

Instructions: Describe the technique, highlighting the need for a firm grip and controlled leg movements.

Russian Twist

Details: Focus on the Russian twist as an effective exercise for the obliques and the entire core.

Execution: Guide on performing the exercise with proper form, possibly using a medicine ball for added resistance.


Summarize the importance of consistency, intensity, and mind-muscle connection in ab workouts, drawing inspiration from Kai Greene’s training ethics. Encourage readers to integrate these exercises into their routine for optimal results.

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