Kai Greene Chest Workout

Kai Greene, known for his massive physique and dedication to bodybuilding, follows a rigorous workout routine. His training philosophy revolves around intensity, consistency, and progressive overload. He believes in pushing his physical capabilities while maintaining a solid mind-muscle connection.


Push-ups are a fundamental bodyweight exercise that effectively targets the chest muscles. They are versatile and can be performed anywhere, making them a staple in any chest workout routine.

Bench Press

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The bench press is a key exercise in Kai Greene’s chest routine. It targets the entire chest area, engaging the pectoral muscles effectively. Kai Greene emphasizes the importance of form and control in executing this exercise.

Incline Bench Press

Targeting the upper chest, the incline bench press is an essential part of Kai Greene’s routine. This variation of the bench press helps in developing a well-rounded chest.

Decline Bench Press

Focusing on the lower part of the chest, the decline bench press is another crucial exercise in Kai Greene’s chest workout. It complements the flat and incline bench press for overall chest development.

Weighted Dips

Weighted dips are a powerful exercise for the chest, especially the lower part. They also engage the triceps and shoulders, making them a compound movement beneficial for upper body strength.

Dumbbell Flyes

Dumbbell flies are excellent for stretching and isolating the chest muscles. Kai Greene incorporates them to enhance the chest’s size and shape.

Chest Dips

Chest dips, like weighted dips, focus on the lower chest and triceps. They are an effective way to build muscle mass and strength in the chest area.

Cable Crossovers

Cable crossovers are great for targeting the inner chest muscles. Kai Greene uses them to sculpt and define the chest, emphasizing the contraction at the end of each movement.

Pec Deck Machine

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The pec deck machine is a popular choice for isolating the chest muscles. It allows for focused work on the pectorals without putting much strain on the other upper body muscles.

Plyometric Push-Ups

Plyometric push-ups add an explosive element to the traditional push-up. They help in building power and strength in the chest muscles.

Svend Press

The Svend press is a unique exercise targeting the inner chest. It involves pressing weight plates together in front of the chest, engaging the inner pectoral muscles.

Kai Greene’s chest workout combines traditional and innovative exercises, contributing to his impressive chest development.

His approach to training, which includes heavy compound lifts, supersets, drop sets, and a strong focus on time under tension, ensures that he continues to challenge and grow his muscles

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