Kai Greene’s Movies List

Kai Greene, an American personal trainer, artist, actor, and professional bodybuilder, has made notable appearances in various movies and TV shows, showcasing his versatile talents beyond bodybuilding.

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Kai Greene’s Movies and Appearances

Kai Greene’s foray into acting has seen him take on diverse roles. His acting career includes:

  • Stranger Things (2016) – Kai Greene appeared in this popular Netflix sci-fi series, showcasing his acting skills in a mainstream television show.
  • Ronnie Coleman: The King (2018) – This documentary features Kai Greene, among other prominent figures in the bodybuilding world.
  • Generation Iron (2013) – As himself, Kai Greene was part of this documentary that delves into the lives of professional bodybuilders.
  • Breaking Olympia: The Phil Heath Story (2024) – This yet-to-be-released documentary includes Kai Greene, highlighting his influence in the bodybuilding community.
  • Crazy Fist (2021) – Kai Greene played a significant role in this action-packed martial arts film.
  • Pogaru (2021) – Kai Greene appeared in this Indian action-thriller, further expanding his international presence.
  • Generation Iron: Natty 4 Life (2020) – Another documentary where Kai Greene appears as himself, providing insight into the world of natural bodybuilding.
  • Generation Iron 2 (2017) and Generation Iron 3 (2018) – These sequels to the original Generation Iron feature Kai Greene and continue to explore the professional bodybuilding scene.
  • Kai Greene (2022) – A documentary focusing on Kai Greene’s life and career, offering a deep dive into his journey and philosophy.


Pogaru” (2021) is an Indian action film where Kai Greene portrays a significant character.

This movie demonstrates Kai Greene’s versatility as an actor, venturing into international cinema and contributing to an action-packed narrative.

Crazy Fist

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“Crazy Fist” (2021) is another martial arts film where Kai Greene plays a noteworthy role.

His participation in this genre showcases his ability to adapt to different styles of filmmaking and character portrayal, especially in action-oriented roles.

Generation Iron 2

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“Generation Iron 2” (2017) is a documentary that continues the exploration of the world of professional bodybuilding.

Kai Greene’s participation in this film allows viewers to gain further insight into his career and the broader context of bodybuilding as a sport and culture.

Generation Iron 3

Following up, “Generation Iron 3” (2018) delves deeper into the bodybuilding industry, with Kai Greene returning to offer his perspectives and experiences.

This documentary series has been pivotal in showcasing the lives and challenges of top bodybuilders.

Rich Piana Chronicles

Although not explicitly mentioned in the sources, it’s worth noting that Kai Greene’s influence in the bodybuilding community often intersects with other famous figures like Rich Piana.

Documentaries and films about such personalities often include insights from various industry experts, including Kai Greene.

College Debts

In “College Debts” (2015), Kai Greene showcased his acting skills in a comedic context, portraying a male stripper.

This role highlighted his ability to diversify his acting portfolio, stepping outside the more familiar realm of bodybuilding-related content.

Kai Greene’s journey from bodybuilding to acting is a testament to his multifaceted talents.

His roles in various films and documentaries highlight his prowess in bodybuilding and his capabilities as an actor and influencer in different genres and platforms.

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